Online Streaming

You can stream your content 24/7 right from your studio board, or if you wish, just certain events when you want to. Local charity events, football games, live promos, remotes…it is as easy as plugging in your PC. In fact, that is all there is to it on your end, and we do the rest. You can stream to as many or as few listeners as you want, and all of our plans come packed with the same powerful features.

We stream your content to the world over our high-speed, multi-backbone network using Windows Media Server and Player software. Using Microsoft Media, you are assured that the majority of desktops accessing your stream will have the best possible listening experience. Our overpink network is housed in our own disaster-ready datacenter with the latest battery and generator backup technology, and has built-in redundancy at all levels. 24/7 monitoring and support staff ensure you the reliability and uptime you need.

All of our low-cost internet radio streaming plans are priced according to your needs. In addition to terrestrial radio stations, there are many other businesses, individuals, churches and organizations worldwide using our services for a variety of applications.

Internet Stations Events / Trade Shows
Marketing Seminars Sales Presentations
Customer Training Continuing Education
Product Announcements Ministries
Product Reviews Podcasts
Places of Worship Archives

The players can be customized with your station logo, multiple banners and links to your website as well. A custom player link or icon is generated by our system and then placed on your website. The player simply “pops” up and starts playing whenever a listener clicks on it. The player is an actual HTML page and IS NOT blocked by pop-up blockers.

Please contact us if you are intersted to know more about our straming solutions & prices..