Led & Neon Lighting

We Design Led & Neon Lighting with the following features

1 ) It is used for the public places as wine bars, toggery, restaurants, banks of ATM, matching with flaming colors .
2 ) Super visual wallop, higher and stable performance and lower failure rate, Excellent visibility, even in daylight
3 ) Super brightness can show clearly anytime
4 ) Plastic frame with rigidity and light weight
5 ) Simple installation ,Safe to touch and clean
6 ) Extremely low power consumption: 3 – 7W (max.)
7 ) Changing color for attracting attention
8 ) Viewing angle: 30 degrees, viewing distance: 150 – 250m
9 ) CE and ROHS standard
10 ) 1-year warranty, Long life and maintenance free, ultra high bright 100,000h LEDs
11 ) It is the best product instead of traditional neon light and it has been used generally in Europe
12 )We can produce as customer’s requirement.