Outdoor Prints

Very high quality and durable outdoor print.  Our outdoor warranty is one year.  This means that after one year, your print is still very nice even if displayed outdoor.  For other companies, their one year warranty is that you can still see something within one year.  That is because they are using short term outdoor printer as oppose to true outdoor printers.  Many are even using third party low cost, low quality inks to reduce cost and therefore sacrifice quality.

  • Tarpaulin – most common and versatile material for many print requirements
  • Flex – for outdoor durable lighted signages
  • TN Film – for lightweight display
  • Vinyl Stickers – for wall murals, mounted displays, vehicle graphics etc.
  • Perforated Sticker – for oneway effect see through window display
  • Clingjet Sticker – for non-see through window display
  • Clear Sticker  – for see through window display